Compliance Forms

Income Certification Form


(Note: If you are a member of The Texas Apartment Association (TAA) and use their application, the Supplemental Rental Application for Units Under Government Regulated Affordable Housing Programs is required to be completed at both initial certification and at re-certification.)

Lease Addendum

The Land Use Restriction Agreement (LURA) requires that owners incorporate in the lease agreement or execute a lease addendum with tenants occupying qualifying units (QUs), language that contain provisions establishing the obligations of their tenancy. The purpose of these clauses is to provide a legal basis for an owner to take action to terminate a tenancy for a tenant who refuses to comply in the future. Such actions must be in compliance with state and local laws. Owners may incorporate these two clauses verbatim either in the lease or in an addendum to the lease which is initialed by the parties.

The required language is detailed on page 5.6, Section 5.5C of the Owner’s Manual or the sample addendum can be used.

Property Transfer Form

When an AHP property is sold, the selling owner is required to notify MDSI and provide the following documents: